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The Taming of the Shrew

…A story about a father who insists that the older of his two daughters must get married first, regardless of the younger daughter’s desire to be with the man of her dreams. Watch the movie to see whether the young Bianca and Hortensio’s love with prevail!…

Dreaming Out Loud

Lum and Abner own a department store in Pineridge, Arkansas. They have a lot of time on their hands and their favorite activity is nothing other than helping all their neighbors in distress!

Machine Gun Mama

…Two truck drivers from Brooklyn are delivering an elephant to Mexico… What could go wrong? This funny comedy has is all! Love, greed, betrayal and a truckload of misunderstandings are but a few things that will make you laugh while watching this old flick….

Inner Sanctum

A young boy sees a man leaving a dead female body. After the only exit out of town, a bridge, is flooded, the man is forced to seek a boarding house. Unfortunately for him, the house he will spend the night in is the same house where the boy lives. Will the boy recognize the man before he becomes the next victim?

Oh Susanna

Gene Autry is a famous singing cowboy on his way to collect some money. An outlaw decides to get rid of Gene, collect the money for himself and frame Gene for the crimes he has committed. Gene has to reclaim his name with the help of a professor and a traveling actor!