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Latest Comments

  • shamim ahmed "i am a great fan of charlie chaplin. i like his movies very much."
    Posted Nov 25
    on Charlie Chaplin Festival
  • tyesabin "What a brilliant site this is, I've now got 87 of your great black and white films on my phone to watch at leisure, love..."
    Posted Nov 24
    on I Killed Wild Bill Hickok
  • ana "A lovely film.I wish it would last more.I felt sorry when it finshed.Simple and beautiful."
    Posted Nov 23
    on Uncle Joe
  • Paul Phelan "I have seen this motion picture before, and love seeing the old trains huffing and puffing and bells clanging. The story line was great. Helping..."
    Posted Nov 23
    on Danger Lights
  • Cindy "A good movie. Watched it two different times. Lee j. Cobb is very true to his character, good actor makes you want him to succeed..."
    Posted Nov 21
    on The Man Who Cheated Himself
  • Anane imma "funniezt of....all"
    Posted Nov 20
    on Charlie Chaplin Festival

The free movies which you can watch at BnWMovies.com (Black 'n' White Movies.com) are mostly public domain films with expired copyright. Other black and white movies may be outside the public domain but are also legally shared in another way. This is how your favorite classic movies become our popular free movie downloads. Finding an old movie can be hard. Try searching by year, genre or title to find the best old movies online.

You can watch all black and white movies on this site for free, there is no subscription required and there never will be. While not all of the classic movies have download links, you can legally download all movies which have a red download icon and download instructions. Subtitles are currently available for few of these old movies. I'm aware that many of you long for this feature and I will be adding subtitles to more movies.

More black and white films are added to the site constantly. I hope you'll enjoy this ever growing collection of free classic movies! Remember the history of the American film industry by watching the best free movies online!