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Plot summary: Renfield is hired by Count Dracula of Transylvania to arrange the renting of the Carfax Abbey in England. After being drugged…

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Genre: Horror.

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  • Plot summary: Renfield is hired by Count Dracula of Transylvania to arrange the renting of the Carfax Abbey in England. After being drugged up with wine, Renfield is bitten by Dracula and they are soon off on their trip to England. Watch Dracula to find out what horrifying events will occur on the way and later in London.

  • This movie was made in the
  • Genres: Horror
  • Directed by Tod Browning
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"Dracula" (1931) Cast:

  • Bela Lugosi - Count Dracula
  • Dwight Frye - Renfield
  • Helen Chandler - Mina
  • David Manners - John Harker
  • Edward Van Sloan - Van Helsing
  • Herbert Bunston - Dr Seward
  • Frances Dade - Lucy


  1. tracy lavallee

    hope its good

  2. the added music was ridiculous and unnecessary , ruining the tension
    I suggest you use a different source

  3. verry good movie its an old movie witch i like the most thanks.

  4. I may never finish watching Dracula. Each time I start to I forget that if you back it up the movie starts over and you can’t return to your place argh!

  5. Try now ;) All fixed!

  6. This version is terrible. This is the one with the new sound track to it.
    The music has nothing to do with the movie.
    It’s like your watching Dracula with the stereo playing in the other room and you just want to tuen it off so you can enjoy the movie.

  7. You’re right Dave, unfortunately I don’t think there is another source for this movie. I hope you’ll find other movies on the site that will be more enjoyable!


    Yavor @ Bnwmovies.com

  8. It was a very good movie from the past. I am a collector, and a lover of the old movies. Thank you

  9. Great movie

  10. interesting movies I would like to know how long it took o be filmed and how much it cost to make?

  11. Thank you so much for the movie. I absolutely loved watching this horror film and its good to see how the ideas of horror today got started with movies such as this film. I loved analyzing the talented actors and the directing style and was very informative for a class project. Good movie.

  12. I’m glad you liked it Lillian! Old movies always have their unique charm.

  13. Thought the insane actor was great , enjoyed this movie , for its time it was great !

  14. The greatest Dracula I have ever seen is Christoper lee.

  15. Good movie! I love old movies, but specially (Horror). Thanks “bnwmovies.com” for these excellent movies that you have here.

  16. I’m glad you liked it everyone! There will be more to come!

  17. not a huge fan of old bnw movies, but i do love the old bnw horror films.. dracula was awesome.

  18. terrible ‘new’ soundtrack. ruins the movie. get the original.

  19. Very good movie and appreciate the site for giving all black and white movies free very good keep up..

  20. I’ve seen this movie both ways with the music and without the music…….
    I thought the music was top notch for this movie

  21. how do u download it??

  22. Please see the download instructions above – next to the red download button.

  23. Really, enjoyed the movie.hadn’t saw, it.since I was small….

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