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Chris is a working artist married to a widow who doesn’t think much of his artistic talent. One day Chris meets Kitty, a…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   Chris is a working artist married to a widow who doesn't think much of his artistic talent. One day Chris meets Kitty, a beautiful lady who happens to be broke and tries to get money from him by posing for him and complimenting his work. While Chris's wife keeps depressing him, Kitty is constantly trying to get more money from him, money which he doesn't have. The only way for him to get the money would be to steal from his boss, but can he do it? How is Chris going to get out of this mess?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Fritz Lang
Scarlet Street (1945) Scarlet Street
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"Scarlet Street" (1945) Cast:

  • Edward G. Robinson - Christopher Cross
  • Joan Bennett - Katherine (Kitty) March
  • Dan Duryea - Johnny Prince
  • Margaret Lindsay - Millie Ray
  • Jess Barker - David Janeway
  • Rosalind Ivan - Adele Cross
  • Arthur Loft - Dellarowe
  • Charles Kemper - Patch-eye Higgins
  • Russell Hicks - J.J. Hogarth
  • Samuel S. Hinds - Charles Pringle
  • Anita Sharp-Bolster - Mrs. Michaels
  • Vladimir Sokoloff - Pop LeJon
  • Cy Kendall - Nick
  • Tom Dillon - Policeman


  1. love the old films im 79 yrs old thank you


  3. Thanks for visiting Sam! I hope you’ll keep coming back for more =)

  4. Fantasticm as usual with robinson. Seen it often

  5. Not seen this film before so enjoyed it,thank you.

  6. Eddie at his best!

  7. Marilyn Bradford

    I loved this old movie “Scarlet-Street. These old movies are so much better than the new stuff. It’s all acting. There are no special effects. Just the actors acting a part. The facial expressions and gestures are from real emotions. Those old actors could really portray the characters. I just love the old movies.

  8. I enjoyed this movie. It had a lot of twists and turns. The end could have been expounded on. The courtroom session was skipped but it was nice.

  9. Watching this film took me back to when the cinema was great entertainment. I’m 86 years young

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