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Due to an unfortunate event, several travelers take shelter in the house of Dr. Kent. The doctor is currently treating a psychic, Beatrice,…

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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Due to an unfortunate event, several travelers take shelter in the house of Dr. Kent. The doctor is currently treating a psychic, Beatrice, who lost her husband exactly three years ago. Beatrice is in a trance, trying to connect to her dead husband and find out who murdered him. The first sign of supernatural activities is a blood stain that appears on the dining tablecloth. What will follow next?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Frank R Strayer
The Ghost Walks (1934) The Ghost Walks
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"The Ghost Walks" (1934) Cast:

  • John Miljan - Prescott Ames
  • June Collyer - Gloria Shaw
  • Richard Carle - Herman Wood
  • Henry Kolker - Dr. Kent
  • Johnny Arthur - Homer Erskine
  • Spencer Charters - Guard
  • Donald Kirke - Terry Shaw
  • Eve Southern - Beatrice
  • Douglas Gerrard - Carroway
  • Wilson Benge - Jarvis
  • Jack Shutta - Head Guard
  • Harry Strang - Guard


  1. Love these kind of Films, Mystery, Crime Solving, Humor
    with a touch of romance that doesn’t over power the movie.

  2. i have watched this movie twice and i really didn’t know any of the actors.and i watch the old black and whites most of the time,but i got a kick out of the old man who i think was a producer and laughed at him.he was funny and his aid who i think i do remember from some of our gang shows,these are the kind of movies i like the old fashion scary but funny ones,keep them coming

  3. Great movie, I really enjoy the black and white mysteries. Hope to see a lot more.

  4. “The Ghost Walks” was not meant to be taken seriously, as the ending shows.
    Fortunately, it doesn’t require great
    acting. The movie is pure — pure schlock, that is and, honestly, requires no analysis — so, if you wanna substitute this for a good book, or even a bad book, you will live thru this to see another day.

  5. I found this movie entertaining, suspense, thriller with a dash of humour. But then I am biased as I just adore old black and white films.

  6. good rainy day movie . loved it.

  7. I love this kind of movies with big old houses, with secret pasages and murder mysteries. I love this movie. Yes Susan E you are right the actor who played the Assisant to the producer was in the Our Gang Shows.He played Darlas dad.

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